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We set the benchmark high and always work with quality in mind. We keep costs right down because we handle every aspect of the build.

We never hire a subcontractor to do the structural work – instead we handle it all ourselves. We have a wealth of knowledge in structural engineering and are entirely familiar with works ‘on the shell’ so as a result we are able to keep prices low. We can also assist with architectural drawings, external and internal designs (including 3G), structural calculations, planning applications, landscape design and many other elements besides.

Many clients are intrigued by our name Fortus and ask us what this means. We tell them that we carefully selected it as a company name because it is a Latin word meaning Strong. We know that every client sees their home as their fortress so Fortus is the perfect name for a company whose aim is to create the perfect fortress every time!

Please visit our gallery where you will find examples of works we do.

List of Building, Construction and Repair Works we do:

  1. New build (10 year guarantee).
  2. Foundations – construction and repairs.
  3. Structural – installation of steel frames, beams, lintels.
  4. Underpinning – foundation and structure.
  5. Kitchen installation and refurbishment.
  6. Bathroom installation and refurbishment.
  7. Decorative works including internal and external.
  8. Works with natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, and any other sort of stone.
  9. Landscaping – parking, changing line of landscape around house, improving the level of existing landscape, garden design with following required building or construction works.
  10. Ponds, swimming pools, fountains – installation and service.
  11. Carpentry – doors, windows, stairs, furniture, floors, and house decoration.
  12. Painting, plastering, tiling, pointing.
  13. Electrical – all, including sun batteries, conditioning of the house, self cleaning systems, wind stations for self electricity supply.
  14. Roofing – new and repairs.
  15. Plumbing and heating.
  16. Loft conversions and repairs.
  17. Garage conversions.
  18. Basement conversions and damp proofing.
  19. House refurbishments of any kind and sort.

Fortus carry out all above indicated building works for individuals and commercial enterprises in London and outside London. Our high level of repeat businesses and referrals are down to the fact that we really care about all the work we do and what our clients say about us afterwards.

We aim to provide our clients with the highest standards of service throughout all our building works with professionalism and dedication to our clients’ requirements.

To arrange a quotation please call us today on

+44 (0) 75 6234 0788

All our estimates include a customer friendly list of materials.
Our clients can use many of our discounts for kitchen and other suppliers.

Fortus Ltd. - Builders of Excellence located in London

New build, refurbishment, development, all kinds of building works, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, landscaping, services of architect and designer, applications and negotiation with planning departments. Garage conversions, basement conversions, loft conversions, extensions, flooring, tiling, guttering, bathroom installation, kitchen installations, external decoration, internal decoration, plastering, painting, stonework.